Space Memory Quest

Developer: Blemma Dreams

Release date: December 2016

Platforms: Android 2.3+

Price: Free with ads


Memory and mental ability game, set in space.

Rescue your pet "ursus 2.0" from BigBad claws. Travel through the universe solving memory and mental ability puzzles.

* Suitable for all ages. Train your brain.
* Four different kind of puzzles :
-- Find couples of objects. (memory puzzle).
-- Follow a sequence of appearing objects, similar to the "simon says game" (memory and concentration puzzle).
-- Find the different object (Concentration puzzle).
-- Destroy the shrinking planet (ability and timing puzzle) .

It's better to see it than it is told !

* Near 50 levels
* Endless play.

Credits :
Music : "Undercover" by Karstenholymoly


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